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by Brian Rice The next User Group meeting is approaching. In this meeting we will revisit reporting, but this time with a twist. We will be talking about graphical data representations which is just a $10 phrase for charts and graphs. We know charts and graphs are easy to build in Excel; now we’ll show […]

By Brian Rice In the latest issue of ACT! eNews, Kristi Smith provides good, tactile instruction for some advice you might have heard from this office before: let the machine do the work. What that means, of course, is there are tools like ACT! which have undergone years of development, not to mention the money […]

By Brian Rice There has been a lot of talk about the improvements included with release of Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP version 4.3. I’m not complaining, because I wrote about here. However, I am interested in taking a look back at a tool that was included in a similar enhancement release. The […]

By Brian Rice I recently reviewed the ACT! Link for use with Quickbooks tour. The first six slides with content referred to eliminating duplicate entry and centalizing information. Without a doubt, these are both worthwhile goals. However, it is on the final three slides that the good stuff shows up. These slides are each titled: […]

In the latest issue of the Nevada Business Journal, the Managing Partner at Acuity Solutions, Shari Farkas writes about some very useful ideas that businesses of all sizes can apply. By taking a common-sense and tactful approach, technology can be applied effectively by small businesses. Let us hear about your approach to technology for your […]